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June Gloom’s Over, Heat Wave To Hit Marina Del Rey

An “extended period of hot and dry weather conditions” will affect the Southland through early next week, forecasters said.


LOS ANGELES, CA — A heat wave will begin washing over the Southland on Tuesday, raising fears of wildfires and heat-related illnesses and promising to send temperatures into triple-digit territory in valley areas later this week, National Weather Service forecasters said.

An “extended period of hot and dry weather conditions” will affect areas away from the coast “through at least early next week,” with temperatures rising daily because of a weak offshore flow, according to an NWS statement.

“While there may be some cooling near the coast over the weekend due to an increase in onshore flow, interior sections are expected to remain hot and dry,” it warned, adding that overnight temperatures will be high as well.

“The extended period of hot and dry conditions along with drying fuels (vegetation) will bring elevated fire danger to interior sections of southwest California through at least early next week,” according to the statement. “Increased grass fire ignition with rapid spread potential will be the main fire weather threat.”

The statement added that “this prolonged heat wave will likely bring moderate heat risk to those sensitive to heat, especially those without effective cooling or adequate hydration.”

In fact, “the heat wave could magnify early next week, bringing the potential for critical warning level heat across portions of the (San Gabriel) mountains and Antelope Valley,” it said.

Forecasters urged Southland residents to reduce the length of time they spend in the sun, drink plenty of water, keep themselves and their children cool, check on friends and neighbors — especially seniors — and never, ever leave kids, seniors or pets in parked cars with the windows closed.

The NWS forecast sunny skies Tuesday and highs of 73 at LAX; 74 in Avalon; 76 on Mount Wilson; 79 in Long Beach; 80 in Downtown L.A.; 83 in San Gabriel and Burbank; 84 in Pasadena; 86 in Saugus; 87 in Lancaster; 88 in Palmdale; and 90 in Woodland Hills. Temperatures will increase daily, surpassing the 100 mark in the San Fernando and Antelope valleys on Friday.

Sunny skies were also forecast in Orange County, along with highs of 68 in Laguna Beach and San Clemente; 71 in Newport Beach; 83 in Irvine; 84 in Anaheim and Mission Viejo;and 86 in Fullerton and Yorba Linda. Temperatures will reach 90 in Yorba Linda Wednesday and the low 90s in other Orange County communities on Thursday.

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Originally published June 13, 2017.
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Vista Del Mar’s Safety Makeover Nearly Complete

The redesigned street also has pockets to make U-turn so that drivers don’t have to make unsafe and illegal turns.

Vista Del Mar under the went the makeover to slow down cars, accommodate bicycles and eliminate a dangerous crossing for beachgoers, according to Daily Breeze.

“This will make the street safer, create more parking inventory, reduce speeding, and curb the use of Playa del Rey as a short-cut from the South Bay to points north,” City Councilman Mike Bonin, who represents the area, wrote in a recent letter to constituents.

The redesigned street also has pockets to make U-turn so that drivers don’t have to make unsafe and illegal turns, according to the Daily Breeze.

For more on this story, visit the Daily Breeze.

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All information obtained from patch.com. https://patch.com/california/marinadelrey/vista-del-mars-safety-makeover-nearly-complete