Seven Most Popular Styles of Homes

While countless people know that a single family home with a yard will cost more than a studio apartment, many of those people don’t know that the style of the house also has a large affect on the price. 24/7 Wall Street received data from the real estate site that gave insight to the popularity of different home styles around the country. The following is a breakdown of the most popular home styles across the country and respective prices.

Due to the free market nature of our country, countless styles of houses have been created throughout history. The style of house also depends largely on what area of the country you live. Colonial and Federal Revival styles homes are found more in the Northeast, Victorian homes are popular on the West Coast, and Ranch-style homes are found throughout the U.S..

Most Popular Home Style Categorized By Average Price:

  1. Mediterranean | $1,315,177 | Most Popular Between 1920 and 1930
  2. Tudor | $588,327 | Most Popular in the 1930s
  3. Colonial | $457,026 | Most Popular in the Late 1800s
  4. Victorian | $431,009 | Most Popular Between 1860 and 1900
  5. Split Level | $295,529 | Most Popular in the 1950s
  6. Ranch | $228,140 | Most Popular Between 1945 and 1970
  7. Bungalow | $163,578 | Most Popular Between 1880 and 1930

Each home style has their own unique characteristics and features that led to them being popular in a certain eras.


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