5 Things to Do When You First Move In

You’ve signed all of the paperwork, picked up the keys to your new home, and finally moving into your new home.  As you unpack your life and take everything in, there are are a few things you may want to take care of first.  To help keep your move-in as smooth as possible, here are Zillow’s top 5 to-do’s for when you first move in to your new home.

1. Change locks

Chances are, the keys in your hand are not the only set of keys to your home out there. It’s in your best interest to, “Play it safe and have all the locks changed as soon as you can.”

2. Re-program garage door opener

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  According to Zillow: “Most garage door remotes have a reset button that you can hold down to reprogram the opener. If you want more concise instructions, note the make and model of the opener and contact the company to walk you through the steps.”

3. Replace furnace filter

To keep efficiency at its highest and best, manufacturers will usually recommend replacing the furnace filter once a month during the heating seasons. “While there are higher-quality filters that may not require monthly replacement, it’s still a good idea to check the filter monthly and, of course, replace it when you move into a new place.”

4. Install new batteries in smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detector

Who knows the last time batteries were changed?  “You have no way of knowing when the batteries were last changed and if the home has been unoccupied, it’s probably been awhile. Test the alarm and detector and put new batteries in each. This investment of time and a few dollars is well worth it, given the stakes.”

5. Replace toilet seat covers

Because, as they point out, “We probably don’t need to go into specific details, but most people insist on swapping out toilet seats.”


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