Top Mistakes of Sellers

Selling your home can be a tough process, especially in this market.   As a seller, there are certain things you should– and shouldn’t–do to help make the process easier. recently posted this article, Top Five Mistakes Sellers Make by Phoebe Chongchua, discussing some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions that sellers have about selling their home.

1 – Underestimating Cleaning Up

Tidying up around the house when you know potential buyers will be viewing it can seriously make a world of difference.  First impressions can be everything.  As Chongchua points out, “If you can’t take the time to wipe the grime off the refrigerator doors, tidy up the kids’ rooms, take out the messy diapers, put away the food, and take the dogs out of the house for a while, then you’ll likely find buyers will quickly move on to the next home on their list.”

2 – Lingering During Showings

It can be tempting for sellers to want to hear what feedback potential buyers may have after a showing, or hang around to hear how the open house went.  Generally this is not a good idea: “Sellers who tend to linger during showings often make the buyers uncomfortable. Buyers like to have time to explore the home at their own pace and without feeling any pressure.”  You can always find out all of the details from your agent as soon as the open house or showing is over.  After all, says Chongchua, “That’s what you’re paying your agent for! Let them do their job. Just make sure that your agent has all the home’s selling points and any additional features that make this home standout.”

3 – For Sale By Owner Trap

While many people feel that they’ll be able to do it themselves, selling your home is rarely a by-the-book process.  Indeed, “maybe they can sell their own home, but it likely won’t happen without some headaches. Trained specialists are called ‘experts’ for a reason. An expert real estate agent knows the market, has connections, guides you through the process, negotiates on your behalf, and will make the process of selling your home simpler.”   A great example:  the unqualified buyer.   Without an agent, you may be getting tons of traffic through your home, but it’s not really important if none of them is a serious buyer–“Instead they’re just looking and satisfying their curiosity at your expense. Agents know to ask the right questions to make certain the lookers are truly potential home buyers.”

4 – Not Interviewing Agents

Not all agents are the same, not all will have experience with properties like yours, not all will offer you the same services for the same result.    Oftentimes, “choosing the wrong agent for the job will be a headache and slow the process down. There must be a connection, understanding, and good communication between the seller and the agent.”  You will be much happier in the end if you take the time initially to seek out and interview the top real estate agents in your neighborhood.

5 – Pricing a Home Incorrectly

This is one of the most serious mistakes a seller can make.  Your agent wants you to get the best price for your property just as much as you do.  As Chongchua notes, “Real estate agents see homes every single day. They know the neighborhoods and the comps. They are there to help you understand what homes have sold for in the recent past and what they’ll likely sell for during the current market conditions.”  Get a market evaluation from your agent and have a discussion about what your home is worth.


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